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If your Version Date is later than the date shown (Main Menu - hover over the version number box with your mouse) you probably have the change. If you want something you see here call and ask us to recompile and post up the program for you to give you the change.

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Our Current Email Address ==>  support@plhinc.com


Change List - Most recent changes at top.

*05-06-24 - (432) - In Negotiate if you changed the salestax rate while figuring a contract and then went to customer info - the salestax rate reverted to default - this is fixed

*03/22/24 - (431) - When you are doing a sale - the inventory listing current on hand (Cur. O/H) now subtracts out the amount in awaiting delivery

*02/28/24 - (430) - Added CreditCardTrans.frm to program - used to potentially approve CCs from within program

*02/19/24 - (429) - MM - Utilites - Special Functions - Viewer will now attemp to auto download the viewer if it is not on computer M:\ Drive and then launches it

*01/11/24 - (428) - IQ in CMNT line turns middle pink - Added IG - turns green - IY turns yellow

*12/07/23 - (427) - Delivery Instructions (GDelivery1) Textbox in Nego2.frm was not clearing between addons done through CardFront in look up accounts module

*12/06/23 - (426) - Added Balance Last Month field to Sensitive Info and made DUplicate account button zero GBalanceLastMonth & GDOWNPAYMENT - fixes a problem with interest on newly duplicated TSNR account

*11/27/23 - (425) - Made Email Address longer in Add New Accounts & Negotiate Customer Info Screens

*11/14/23 - (424) - Added Calculate Button to Take Payment Screen

*11/08/23 - (423) - Fixed problem with tab stops on TakePayment Screen

*11/06/23 - (422) - Made customer email address 55 characters. To do this lost 3 relative address on info page 2. Who knew email addresses could be that long?

*10/23/23 - (421) - Fixed problem with web updater

*10/10/23 - (420) - Added code to flash a warning when writing receipt to indicate balance going negative

*10/03/23 - (419) - In TransWrite added a check for Warrenty Description over 50 characters - it would fail

*08/31/23 - (418) - When you work with a Group Sku - it figures how many on hand you have based on quantities for the items referenced in the list that makes up the item

*08/23/23 - (417) - You can click on the Home Phone on the Account Card Screen and cycle through Home - Work - and NOW Cellphone

*08/04-23 - (416) - Added an Aging Component to No Payment Since Date printing

*07-27/23 - (415) - Corrected Net Change figure on End Of Day Totals to better handle Deferred Down Payments

*06/26/23 - (414) - Locked Title Bar on payments screen (Cardfront) so that you can't type into it

*06/02/23 - (413) - Added Code into Ilist.frm exit when going back to PostHandSale or Contract Sales Reversal to take Tradein and Nontax into account figuring Salestax

*05/31/23 - (412) - Fixed Sensitive1 DP box not displaying correctly at higher resolutions

*04/18/23 - (411) - Added Excluded Printers to Printing in Inventory

*03/31/23 - (410) - Fixed overflow problem that 409 created

*03/10/23 - (409) - Tweaked IrateChange form to handle Change APR better

*02/01/23 - (408) - Added Delete Prom Pay button to View Options - Records the PP you are clearing into comments

*12/29/22 - (407) - Added UN-CHARGEOFF button in View Options

*08/31/22 - (406) - Added InsuranceReportCode to compile for future use

*08/03/22 - (405) - Added Daily Totals files to the Advanced Help Backup Restore Function

*08/02/22 - (404) - On Customer Info Screen of Negotiate changed the Last Account Number (top left) to Next Account Number

*07/25/22 - (403) - Added Field in Special Letter Menu to choose How Far Back (based on Purchase Date) to print a letter

*06/28/22 - (402) - Added Are You SURE box to Charging Off Account Button sequence"

*06/23/22 - (401) - Added Text to Delete Account Button to remind user that the account balance MUST be ZERO before deleting

*06/18/22 - (400) - Fixed problem reporting cosigner DOB for J1-(cosigner same address) and J2-(cosigner different address) on credit bureau report

*05/23/22 - (399) - Added Down Payment Amount from the last contract to Account Sensitive Info Screen

*05/04/22 - (398) - Added Box in Advanced Help to HOPEFULLY Nondestructively rebuild daily totals files with input past end error.

*04/14/22 - (397) - Added NONTAX to Transaction Journal and Payment Screen to show book entry for the non-tax amount, if any, during an installment sale. This has NO EFFECT on the Account Balance.

*03/23/22 - (396) - Changed correction of malformed DOBs - Sub MakeItValidDateNo2000 - to acknowledge the fact that people born in 2000 and above could actually be buying stuff

*03/09/22 - (395) - Provided for Web Override of Rental Expiring

*02/28/22 - (394) - Added Stations files to backup to make restore process more seamless

*01/18/22 - (393) - In Inventory Operations - Added View Groups for Sku that lets you find all the groups an individual sku is in 

*01/11/22 - (392) - Cleaned up Email Receipt and added Help for setting up GMail Account

*12-31-21 - (391) - Created Email through Gmail Receipt sending and cleaned up Email Special Reminder 

*12-14-21 - (390) - Fixed Inventory leak problem when recalling multiple contracts from Slot List

*10-04-21 - (389) - Added Posted Late Charge Checkoff Option in Print Transactions Journal #2

*07-30-21 - (388) - See 387 below - added same thing to Our Price field to show Our Price, On Sale, LSP (lowest selling price)

*07-28-21 - (387) - While putting in inventory in contract or cash sales, after you put in a valid sku, you can hover over the Man. # and Desc and it will pop up the entire data field, not just the first 25 characters 

*06-07-21 - (386) - Top Left of the Utilities Menu FINALLY shows the actual CORRECT version of Windows being run

*05-26-21 - (385) - Charge Off Account Button in Options on Account Screen will not let you charge off account that is already C account (no CC12345)

*05-05-21 - (384) - The Transaction Journal Report 2 in Checkup now lets you select all (default) categories or any one category to print for a given date range

*04-05-21 - (383) - The name of the CBI Report has been changed to include the Year and Month so that is will be different every new month the report is run (as in WCBI2104.DAT for April 2021)

*04-05-21 - (382) - Added SA NonTax to Monthly Totals Printout and Daily & Monthly Edits

*03-24-21 - (381) - Tweaks the way tradeins and sales tax calculation interact

*03-16-21 - (380) - Fixed a minor problem with add-on done the same day an sale had been made

*03-11-21 - (379) - Fixes (I HOPE) a REALLY RARE obscure error in printing Daily Monthly Totals - Charge Sale Monthly Total 

*03-08-21 - (378) - Main Menu - Utilities - Scan Customer File for Bad Data now catches more bad dates - (Have you done this lately?) 

*02-18-21 - (377) - Fixed newly created error in Post Hand Sales - type mismatch 

*02-17-21 - (376) - Fixed problem with Refund Given Finance Charge in Add-On Screen

*01-13-21 - (375) - Added Non Taxable Amount to Small Add On screen - and in the SA End of Day Totals section

*12-04-20 - (374) - Fixed calculation of Ninety Day Sales to keep last payment LESS than 1st 2nd payments

*10-07-20 - (373) - Delivery Ticket Printed in Contract Sales was not incrementing the Ticket Number. It will now.

*09-08-20 - (372) - In Cash Sale Inventory - line 11 now auto tabs to line 12

*08-11-20 - (371) - Credit Bureau Report - F17 - Forced Status of DA (delete account) was not reporting.

*07-20-20 - (370) - It was possible for the Cash Sale to compute a bad subtotal if you check inventory multiple times when you have a non-taxable amount - Thanks Anthony 

*06-29-20 - (369) - Fixed a VERY rare (it's happened once) error in reading Detail.mdb Op number.

*05-11-20 - (368) - An account must now have a zero balance before you can delete it.

*04-09-20 - (367) - Tweaked how Collection List treats accounts that are Past End of the Payment Schedule

*04-06-20 - (366)  - No longer copying WFurnPro.exe during backup. It takes up a lot of space, wastes time, and no one has ever used it. Get it from the web.

*03-11-20 - (365) - Password Protected Change Sku Number with Change Code (4 digit number Customer Assigns) if enabled

*01-17-20 - (364) - Backend fix for very minor rare data corruption issue in wspec.dat

*11-29-19 - (363) - Fixed minor problem with sales analysis printing blank skus.

*08-28-19 - (362) - Fixed problem with leaving small add-on after doing nothing you were faced with a gray screen.

*08-05-19 - (361) - Fixed not adding date of last purchase and not posting off warehouse quantities on group sales.

*08-01-19 - (360) - Fixed minor problem with posting group skus

*05-14-19 - (359) - Added Post Off Items form for Purchase Orders

*04/30/19 - (358) - Added code to backup purchase Orders and Vendors Databases used in 357

*04-25-19 - (357) - Added Functions to Inventory Operations and Inventory Printing to give Purchase Order Entry, Posting, and Printing capability 

*03-15-19 - (356) - Info page 1 - Email Address lengthened to 30 characters

*09-05-18 - (355) - Corrected Bug in 352 during Print Sales Retrieval

*08-29-18 - (354) - Old Viewer software no longer compatible. Including new Viewer.exe in download with WFurnPro.exe

*07-16-18 - (353) - Added code to document charging off an account on the payment screen when using Charge Off Account button in More Options on Card Screen

*06/29/18 - (352) - Main Menu - Utilities - Change System Spec - Sensitive Info - Exclude Printers From List lets you choose which printers NOT to see when selecting a printer for a printout. Click Show ALL Printers button then click on list of printers on left to exclude from list on right which is what you will see in program.

*03/07/18 - (351) - When you do a Cash Sale from View Options in Account Lookup - the Cardfront form now closes as the Cash Sale routine launches

*02/28/18 - (350) - Added a Scheduled Payments Total line to Totalup Accounts

*01/23/18 - (349) - Edited spelling on A/R Mailing List Menu

*05/18/17 - (348) - Added a money type Bank Draft - to receipt taking screen. Like the Credit Card Money - it does NOT add into the 2nd Cash Drawer Figure on End of Day Totals

*05/05/17 - (347) - Added More Totals Edit button to Edit Daily Totals 1 to let you edit fields on the Daily Report that appeared no where else in the edit screens.

*03/21/17 - (346) - If program license lapses lock screen shows current version date and number

*03/15/17 - (345) - Upped the number of names that can show in the Lookup Name Lookup - from 100 to 500

*03-09-17 - (344) - Added print of Misc. Receipt of $$ to both parts of the Transaction Journal

*01-27-17 - (343) - On RENTAL accounts - changed the way the program checks for update if license lapses

*12-30-16 - (342) - Tweeked Charging off account - To charge it off to zero write a charge off receipt - To charge it off to present balance - Card on Screen - View Options - Charge off account

*11/28/16 - (341) - Ok, So I actually REALLY REALLY fixed the 340 problem this time - sigh.

*11/18/16 - (340) - Fixed Overflow Error when doing a Man. Number Lookup

*10/13/16 - (339) - When Printing ACTIVE A/R Mailing Labels - you can put a dollar amount to print ONLY the accounts with that balance or LESS

*09/20/16 - (338) - Fixed small problem with recall from slot list if the number of active slots got to be more than 99.

*08/03/16 - (337) - Added fields to Monthly Totals Edit.

*06/13/16 - (336) - Refixed 335 - Oh Well.

*06/12/16 - (335) - If you make labor sales taxable in Change System Spec the Small Add-On will calculate salestax on labor

* 04/14/16 - (334) - Changed TabStart Order of Post Hand Sales to go to Account Number 1st and lengthened City field to 20 characters everywhere

*03/04/16 - (333) - Added the actual insurance premium amounts to the Cusfile Dump function in Special Functions.

*01/11/16 - (332) - Fixes problem where you were thrown out of the program going from the comments screen back to the payments screen.

*12/14/15 - (331) - Cleans up after new version of download screen by deleting the downloaded update file WFurnProDownload.exe after update if it is there

*12/02/15 - (330) - When you use assign next account number (WE THINK) in every case it checks to make sure that you are really getting an unused account number.

*11/11/15 - (329) - Added What's New Form to replace having to shell out to web to see What's New.

*10/19/15 - (328) - Fixed minor problem with Accounts Expiring This Month List.

*09/24/15 - (326 - 327) - Two Tries at a brand new and shiny way to update the program without having to launch a browser. They both work, 327 works better.

*09/11/15 - (325) Reworked the Thank You Letter in Account Lookup - View Options - to print nicer and include the company telephone number.

*09/09/15 - (324) Adds a field in MM - Utilities - Set Various Rates - to put in a Max Age for A&H Ins. It then checks against the birth date of purchaser for overage over length of contract.

*08/31/15 - (323) If you had more than 2000 items in one vendor, the lookup by vendor function sometimes did not work.

*07/29/15 - (322) Somehow on post hand sales, if you used the enter key to move from text box to text box it wandered all over the screen. This fixes that.

*07/13/15 - (321) Changed location of Menu Box on Customer File Aging Screen in M Resolution

*06/09/15 - (320) Removed SecureSession link on update button on Main Menu. - Problems with older IE

*06/04/15 - (319) The Utility Menu Page now shows the Windows Version you are using (XP - 7 - 8) etc. along with the Internal Software Version # (ex. 319). It also shows the current screen resolution

*05/29/15 - (318) Changed the wording on the expired rental screen to promote clarity to check the web first then call.

*03/26/15 - (317) Changed the spacing on the End of Day Totals sheets to give you a nice page turn with header on the second page.

*03/24/15 - (316) When you do Fix Customer file in MM - Utilities - Rebuild Databases - it encrypts cusfile.mdb

*03/06/15 - (315) Main Menu - Account Lists - More Lists -Active Accounts From Given Purchase Date Forward - gives you a list of active accounts from some Purchase Date you enter and more recent.

*11/17/14 - (314) Updated Main Menu - Utilities - Scan Customer File for Bad Data - to trim trailing spaces from Account Numbers in all database files

*09/08/14 - (313) Cleaned up Charging Off an Account. Get account on screen - More Options - Charge Off Account - This changes the account number to C + current account number and updates the CBI data and the Charged Off in a Given Year list in Print Accounts - More Lists

*05/30/14 - (312) Fixes the Print Screen Button on various screens to print correctly when using bigger screen formats.

*05/08/14 - (311) Added a new button to Cash Sale to let you lookup by Name to find existing account to use in the cash sale.

*02/24/14 - (310) In rare instances date of last payment computation showed blank on very short account numbers. This fixes that.

*02/17/14 - (309) Gives you a way to edit Misc. Receipt of $$ amount on the Daily Edit 2 screen.

*02/13/14 - (308) If you edit the operator totals, YOU MUST edit the Rec. on Account box on Edit Totals 2. This will make the net change come out correctly. This effectively undoes the 305 change.

*01/21/14 - (307) Internal program logic fix to get around user misunderstanding.

*01/17/14 - (306) Added Cell Phone Number box to Customer Info Screen in Negotiate.

*01/08/14 - (305) If you use Edit Daily Totals to change the amount of money for an operator, the Net Change on the daily printout did not update. This fixes that.

*11/18/13 - (303) In VERY RARE cases in Negotiate, the delivery charge could (shall we say) get lost. - This fixes that.

*11/04/13 - (302) Doing a contract you would lose certain data on the info page 2 screen under certain conditions - no longer.

*09/16/13 - (301) Made it so that you see an icon for Furniture Pro in task bar at bottom of screen. 

*08/20/13 - (300) If you write life insurance and have the the Maximum Life Age set (MM - Utilities - Set Various Rates - bottom) it will stop you from writing the contract if the age of the purchaser exceeds this by the END of the contract period.

*08/12/13 - (299) Added way to edit Cash Sale Delivery amount in Daily totals edit. - Added email notification of new version download.

*06/18/13 - (298) Added Viewer Button in Special Functions to allow easier remote support

*06/10/13 - (297) Changed Sales Reversal to Contract Sales Reversal to distinguish from reversing cash sale

*05/14/13 - (295-296) Gave an easy way in  Special Functions to launch a remote viewer for support.

*04/04/13 - (294) In Sensitive Info you now have a way to choose which printer that particular computer will print a RECEIPT to.

*03/15/13 - (293) You now have the ability to send a reminder notice using a GMail account. We are heading to have the capability to send weekly reminders and statements by email. For the moment call me and I will walk you through the setup. 

*01/30/13 - (292) Adds Promise to Pay Date and Amount to Collection List. Adds option to encode Purchaser and Spouse SS#

*01/23/13 - (291) Adds capability to add interest to expired installment accounts while printing them a statement. The interest rate is set in MM - Utilities - Change System Spec - Yearly Interest Rate %
                            ONLY DO THIS ONCE A MONTH PLEASE !! To use - Main Menu - Other Printing - Print Expired Installment Accounts Statements.

*11/20/12 - (290) Obscure problem with writing DP Receipt fixed. Sometimes it would zero the DP amount from the calling page making you put it back in. This fixes that. 

*10/30/12 - (289) Spouse DOB was not transferring over to Negotiate Customer Info Page. This is fixed.

*09/18/12 - (288) Main Menu - Other Printing - (middle of screen) Laser Printer Payment Book will print a series of coupons for a given account number that can be torn apart and stapled together to function as a payment book. It even prints one more coupon at the end to serve as a cover.

*08/07/12 - (287) OPTIONALLY, Passwords are now available for Operator Number input. The code is a 3 letter password unique to each operator number. You CANNOT take a payment, write a DP receipt, do a cash sale etc. etc without the 3 letter code for you operator number if you get this option.
You have to tell me to do this and I will recompile the program for you. You download the new version and off you go, (or from watching too much British TV, Bob's your uncle).

*07/31/12 - (286) Added code to show the backup drive letter to be used as you start to make the backup in Special Functions.

*07/30/12 - (285) If you put an inventory item that does not already exist into the list to sell on contract or cash sale, it is possible to overrun the length of the comment on the comment screen by putting in too long a man# description and serial number - so you would not see the selling price of the item on the comment screen. This should fix that. Yes, this entry was a terrible use of the English language. 

*06/19/12 - (284) Technical fix of reading and writing cusfileextradata subroutine.

*06/12/12 - (283) Improved Start Lock Screen to provide date and version number. 

*05/22/12 - (282) Provided a way to edit the Charge Sale Delivery total in Edit Daily Totals page 2.

*05/03/12 - (281) Found one more way to fail in 280 fix and corrected that.

*04/12/12 - (280) Corrected problem on initial load if the file that contains the date of last backup became damaged.

*03/29/12 - (279) Added a link on the Special Functions Page to launch GoToManage support software

*03/27/12 - (278) Spouse DOB added to Customer Info Input during Negotiate

*03/20/12 - (277) Added capability to use software as a contract only printer with no need to have account info to do add-on. Mostly you do NOT want to use this.

*03/07/12 - (276) If you went to a cash sale from the account card lines 12-14 of inventory were not showing. They do now.

*03/05/12 - (275) Info page 1 - changed Location of Home Phone to Cell Phone Number

*02/15/12 - (274) Corrected small problem with extra inventory lines on cash sale (271)

*02/06/12 - (273) Put the Spouse's DOB onto the Info Page 1 Screen.

*01/26/12 - (272) We now have extensions to the program that will let you use an Apple iPad or Kindle Fire in the store for various functions (inventory, contracts, receipts etc)

*01/06/12 - (271) Gives cash sale a minimum of 14 lines of inventory instead of 11.

*12/15/11 - (270) If you post an invoice from the sku lookup screen, the current MSRP, Our Price, etc. will transfer over to the Invoice Entry screen.

*12/10/11 - (269) If you canceled printing invoices for a sku the program would error. Oops. It's fixed

*11/10/11 - (268) You can now exclude accounts before a given purchase month in the 3 up Paid Out Mailing Lists - so you don't have to print everyone who has ever paid out.

*10/31/11 - (267) Reworked restore from backup function for .slot files (stored contracts awaiting processing)

*09/15/11 - (266) Collection List will now let you select multiple aging categories to print as in - 23 - 34 - and 234

*09/06/11 - (265) Added a checkoff box when you print A/R mailing labels to let you print the current (up to 2 payments due) accounts only

*08/25/11 - (264) Fixed problem with Small Add-On printing.

*08/19/11 - (263) Added a field on the small addon screen to show the ticket total as well as the ending balance after the small add-on.

*08/09/11 - (262) MM - Inventory Op. - Sales Retrieval has a new option that lets you scan through the account comments looking for a serial number. ACTUALLY - this also lets you scan the comments for anything you want to find. It then gives you a printout with the account # and the comment.

*07/29/11 - (261) VERY RARELY in a no finance charge sale you could get a minus finance charge. This fixes that.

*07/22/11 - (260) You can now edit the Small Add-On money in the daily totals edit.

*05/16/11 - (259) July Vacation no changes till we are back edition.

*05/06/11 - (258) In Negotiate - on the Delivery Ticket button (some of you may not have this button showing - ask me) if the routine sees a Group Sku, it will now print out a list of the sub-skus that make up that sku.

*04/13/11 - (257) Added a box so that if the program license lapses you can click to check for an update.

*04/12/11 - (255 & 256) Obscure code changes to correct (more or less) programmer idiocy.

*01/02/11 - (254) Menus etc will resize to variable screen size. Main Menu - Utilities - Change System Spec - Sensitive Info - Use Variable Screen Resolution (set it to Y). THEN RESTART PROGRAM. This is set on a PER MACHINE basis. You have to do this on EACH COMPUTER. This was written with the LCD screens in mind. They have a native resolution in which they appear clearest (usually the top resolution you can set them to). You set the resolution from the Windows Desktop (the icon screen) by right clicking on an empty place on the desktop and then clicking on Properties or Screen Resolution etc. depending on the Windows version you are running. If this is confusing, give me a call.

*12/24/10 - (253) Added box on Main Menu to show date last backup made. Until you make a backup after this update it shows Not Recorded

* 12/01/10 - (252) Added negoslotlist.frm for future resizing to screen size

*11/02/10 - (251) Added Print Screen Button to A/R Aging Graphing screen. MM - Account Lookup - Display Installment Graphing

*10/21/10 - (250) Added a page counter for the receipts on the account card page. As you click More Payments button the number increases. In title line for payments to the right of Comment title

*08/30/10 - (249) Tweaked the Print Payment Book code to reflect better the account card screen figuring of late charges.

*08/10/10 - (248) Checking for commas in description and manufacturer number on inventory and HOPEFULLY eliminating them.

*07/27/10 - (246) Corrected the CLICK THIS to reset rate back to default button in the Change FC Rate and NO FC Sale button on Negotiate Screen.

*05/20/10 - (245) For you folks with White Goods Tax (you know who you are), when you went to print a contract - it would say there was a computational error with the total of payments. This fixes that.

*05/10/10 - (244) Tweaked the way it figures late charge over 30 and 31 day months. Example Due Date on the 26th - when to compute late charge on 30 and 31 (and 28) day months.

*03/26/10 - (243) Added a Print Used Vendor Codes list to Inventory Printing.

*03/08/10 - (242) Updated the FTP to PLH code.

*02/25/10 - (241) The edit group sku page now shows you the Description and the Man. # for each sku that makes up the group.

*02/23/10 - (240) Cleaned up interface on the Restore from External Backup in Advanced Help page.

*01/07/10 - (239) Added a button on the options screen during lookup accounts that lets you do a cash sale right from there. Also fixed the do not print button on the cash sale pick printer screen to actually not print the cash sale. WoHoo.

*01/04/10 - (238) Fixes problem if you print the totalup 2 or more times in a row the Z & L totals keep adding up.

*12/23/09 - (237) Adds 3 hole punch skip for certain inventory printouts. It skips over a space to allow you to put them in a 3 hole notebook.

*12/14/09 - (236) The Date Last Updated in the customer file aging screen in lookup had stopped showing the last update date. This fixes that.

*12/09/09 - (235) Added code in Advanced Help to merge customer data from another database.

*12/03/09 - (234) Under certain circumstances the promise to pay date was not clearing when writing receipt. This happened in the 233 change. It is fixed.

*11/05/09 - (233) Fixed a rare problem with Repo receipts not printing on transaction journal/

*10/20/09 - (232) You can now edit Cash Money Received and Check Money Received on the Edit Monthly Totals Screen.

*10/18/09 - (231) WFurnpro.Exe is now being backed up during (we really do it daily don't we) the daily backup

*09/01/09 - (227) Added List of Accounts that prints the Email Addresses. Main Menu | Account Lists | More Lists | Email List

*08/11/09 - (225) Added editing of Daily Totals for ROA and Late Charge for the individual operators.

*08/10/09 - (224) Reworked Repair Databases Screen. It is now MUCH simpler to choose which one you need.

*08/05/09 - (223) Reformatted the Thank You Letter (on the account card - View Options - Thank You Letter  or from the Main Menu - Other Printing - Thank You Letter). 

*07/20/09 - (221) The Next and Prior buttons in Account Lookup, under certain circumstances (like when you use it) if you get to the first or last account in the database file - it would fail if you tried to access one more account.

*06/18/09 - (217) Moved the Download Help button to the top middle of the Utility Menu - Main Menu - Utilities - Download Latest Help File for THIS COMPUTER ONLY button.

*04/24/09 - (216) Well, in one of those rare moments of insight, I finally figured out that since I turn on your caps lock as you go into the program, it would be AWFULLY NICE of me to turn it off as you leave, either by the Exit button on the Main Menu or the Update Button on the Main Menu.

*04/14/09 - (215) There is now a box in Special Functions (Main Menu - Utilities - Special Functions - Update Help File for THIS COMPUTER ONLY) that will load onto that one computer the latest help file. YOU MUST do this at EACH COMPUTER on the network.

*03/25/09 - (214)  Added capability to screen Reminder Notices by Zip Code or Section. BE CAREFUL - There are some logical problems. YOU MUST keep track of which Sections or Zip Codes you have printed.

*03/16/09 - (213) When you go into the Special Reminder screen, (Account on Screen - View Options - Print 1 Reminder) turns off the Caps Lock while you are on this screen so you can type a normal letter. 

*01/30/09 - (212) Sometimes it would not include the Zero On Hand items in the Count Lists if told to. It works correctly now.

*01/16/09 - (211) Added Zipcode screen for certain lists in print accounts collection - counter - both aging lists - done on Pick Printer screen.

*01/08/09 - (210) Oddly enough Print Accounts now has a list to print the Paid Ahead accounts. Some relatively smart people were paying their accounts ahead and then skipping town, thus giving themselves some lead time to disappear. Odd but true.

*12/18/08 - (209) On Lookup Screen - new button that will show an onscreen graph of the INSTALLMENT accounts receivable aging - Based on PAYMENTS DUE. If they are paid ahead, I show it as one payment in CURRENT.

*12/03/08 - (208) Fixed bug in changing the sensitive password.

*10/20/08 - (206) Increased the length of the Manufacturer's # and Description fields on the Inventory Count List Menu printouts.

*09/19/08 - (205) Individual Restore for .MDB files added to Advanced Help Page.

*09/12/08 - (204) Advanced Help Page added (password protected - must call PLH to use)

*08/01/08 - (202) Date of last sale (on a inventory item's sku screnn) will now update when you process a cash sale.

*06/25/08 - (200) You have to ASK for this one - Added Option on the Negotiate Menu (hidden unless you ask for it) to print a delivery ticket instead of using a contract copy as the delivery ticket. The reason is that the contract has SS#s and other private info that you may not want the delivery guys to have access to.

*06/17/08 - (199) Added code to Scan Customer File for Bad Data in utilities to scan also the detail file doing a cleanup function.

*06/04/08 - (198) You can now any number of one up inventory labels on your Okidata printer to stick on your hang tags. 

*05/28/08 - (197) Corrected minor problems in editing monthly totals.

*05/22/08 - (196) If you print inventory by a SINGLE department - you can now screen for a single vendor to print.

*05/01/08 - (195) Huzzah - Found and fixed a very rare Invalid Row Error when doing Lookup by Last Name.

*03/27/08 - (191)  Reminder Notices now print Dear Mr or MS Lastname if there is a title else they print Dear Firstname Lastname

*03/14/08 - (190) On the Cash Sale screen bottom left is a box that lets you change how many copies of the sale will be printed. On the Small Add-On screen, you can put in delivery instructions that will be printed on the Small Add-On ticket.

*03/07/08 - (189) Now, if you make the account number ADJUSTMENT when you are adding an inventory transaction, it becomes an adjustment entry and will NOT print in the Sales Analysis (unless you tell it to) and will not be in the Inventory Stat Screen statistics.

*02/11/08 - (187) If you did not put terms on a TSN account, it would error out when you looked up the account. This fixes that.

*02/01/08 - (186) Under certain conditions, on the account card, the Months Left field was incorrect. This fixes that.

*01/22/08 - (185) STOPS IT FROM PRINTING Or Current Resident on mailing labels unless you tell me to make it print that on them. DEFAULT is NOT TO PRINT IT NOW.

*12/19/07 - (182) It can now report TSNR accounts to the credit bureau based on date of last payment. You have to call to get this one.

*12/17/07 - (181) If you hover over the version number date on the Main Menu, it will now tell you the purpose (more or less) of this update.

*12/11/07 - (179) Well, after all these years, someone found a way to make the salestax miscalculate by a penny on the post hand sales. This fixes this.

*10/15/07 - (178) When you are adding Non A/R Mailing List entries, if you put in a valid account number, it will automatically fill in what fields it can.

*10/09/07 - (177) On certain inventory reports, added ability to print the amounts in any single warehouse as the onhand. It also totals it at the end.

*08/21/07 - (175) On certain printers, when printing the receipt, the Thank You line appeared on the store copy and not the customers copy. DUH. Sorry about that. This fixes it.

*08/17/07 - (174) Under some circumstances, the TSNR Monthly statements were not adding a comment when a statement was sent.

*07/18/07 - (172) Added payout amount to the Dump Accounts for Sale in the Special Functions screen.

*06/13/07 - (170) Adds code for another type of recovery of the Payment (Detail.mdb) file in Special Functions.

*05/29/07 - (169) Fixes a problem that in some cases the Transactions Journal #2 would not print out the property insurance.

*04/19/07 - (167) On the inventory stat screen - it will now let you put in a date to scan back to. That is the good news. The BAD news is that it scans the entire transaction file every time you change the date - so please be patient.

*04/12/07 - (166) In name lookup, if you checked the show zero balance box with no text in the name lookup box (at top) it errored. This fixes that.

*04/09/07 - (165) This will print the serial numbers on certain inventory reports (the 1st four) if you tell it to.

*04/02/07 - (164) The cash sales on the entries on the transactions journal part 2 had trouble with the total. This fixes that.

*02/15/07 - (162) From Main Menu | Utilities | Change System Spec | Sensitive Info - you can change what the next cash sale ticket number will be.

*02/02/07 - (160) The Monthly Report in Checkup was not printing the amount for credit card money. It does now.

*01/26/07 - (159) Misc. Receipt of money (sales menu) will now take a minus amount.

*01/16/07 - (158) The Down Payment Receipt will now record the operator number on the transactions journal.

*01/09/07 - (156) You can now edit the types of money collected (cash, credit card, money order, etc) in the daily totals.

*12/04/06 - (152) The Please Align form (the one right before you print something) has been reworked to fit better on an 800x600 screen.

*11/14/06 - (151) REALLY obscure bug alert (or why programmers have so little hair). IF you have a LEGITIMATE birthday on the 29th of February (say 02/29/1964) then IF your contract prints the age on the form, it fails with a type mismatch error. This fixes that. I figure it is roughly a 1 in 1461 chance of it happening, but somebody out there just had it happen. I'm going to crawl into my warm cuddly place now where no one is born on the 29th of February.

*11/06/06 - (150) - The process for adding comments to an account has been streamlined. When you click on add comments, you will get a screen where you can type in a new comment as before, BUT you can now post multiple comments to the same account without leaving that screen. Try it, you'll like it.

*10/04/06 - (148) This gives you a dump comma delimited ascii file option on the non ar mailing lists. The filename is NONARMAIL.DAT probably on the M: Drive.
The fields are: Last Name  | First Name | Street Address One | Street Address Two | City | State | Zipcode

*09/06/06 - (146) YOU MUST RUN THE PROGRAM WITH NO ONE ELSE RUNNING RIGHT AFTER YOU DOWNLOAD THIS. It adds fields to the customer database file for the customer's email address on Info Page 1 during Account Lookup and Customer Info during Negotiate. Please be SURE you have plenty of time before you download this. It could take SEVERAL minutes to add the fields. When it gets to the Main Menu it is finished and you may do what you wish.

*08/28/06 - (145) Main Menu | Utilities | Change system Spec | Bottom right - What type tag - If you put a 1 in the box, the computer will print a completed filled out tag for your inventory instead of on a preprinted one. It will print the tag in the upper left of a normal sheet of paper, which you can then fold into quarters and stick in a normal hang tag. If you use colored paper, you should be able to get just about any look you want.

*08/22/06 - (144) Main Menu | Utilities | Special Functions | Dump Ascii Accounts for Sale will give you the list for a company wishing to buying your accounts. The file name to get to them is CUSFILEDUMP.DAT on the M: Drive. You will probably need to email him with this file as an attachment. The fields it will dump are  | Account Number | Last Name | First Name | Date Last Payment | Date Next Payment would be due according to how much they have paid on the contract. | Normal Monthly Payment | Months Left on Contract | Original Principal | Current Balance | Due Current | Due Thirty | Due Sixty | Due Ninety and Over | Late Charge Due now.

*08/02/06 - (143) Adds Total of Payments field to Insurance Report line listing.

*07/31/06 - (142) Fixes a small problem figuring invoice cost in receiving invoicing.

*07/21/06 - (141) Rewrites the backup files for wspec and wextradata when you leave the Change Specifications form (specchange).

*06/07/06 - (140) Fixed a small problem with how freight was calculated in receiving invoicing.

*05/30/06 - (138) The automatic version check feature - version 134 below - caused an error if the PLH Inc. website was down. This is fixed in that if it cannot find the website it will go to the Main Menu in about 45 seconds or so.

*05/25/06 - (136) WooHoo we can now FTP a data file back up to the PLH Website in case of trouble. It may not seem like much now, but if you ever need it, you will smile.

*05/15/06 - (135) If you are using slot locking during contract writing, there is a now a button in MM | Utilities | Special Functions called Unlock Slot Store Lock. Use this if it ever locks in error.

*05/11/06 - (134) Made it auto check for a more recent update through the web. THIS ONLY WORKS WELL if you have high speed internet service (NOT DIALUP). If you turn this on Main Menu | Utilities | Change System Spec. put a Y into Auto Check Web for Updates box, the program will put a yellow box on the Main Menu when a newer version of the program exists for you to download. To TURN THIS OFF - Main Menu | Utilities | Change System Spec | Change Auto Check for Update to N for no. 

*05/08/06 - (133) Made the CBI Reporting functions stubbornly refuse to go on if any of the CBI Constants Screen is blank.

*05/05/06 - (132) Put the rotating line thingie on screen while building the Inventory and Customer Stats. WooHoo

*04/26/06 - (131) Lined up the numbers in Name Lookup (AR) screen

*04/12/06 - (129) In certain cases (like every time you tried to use it) the Inventory Exception Report would fail. (prints items not sold in a given number of months). This has been fixed. Sorry about that.

*03/24/06 - (126) Gives you the option of printing (or not) the zero on hand items in inventory printing. Option Box on Please Align (pick printer) form.

*03/16/06 - (125) Gave more room for the Totals on the Invoice Date List.

*02/24/06 - (121) Adds code to total the OnFloor and Warehouses cost on the inventory totalup.

*02/14/06 - (119) We have decided to add a GENTLE reminder if the version number (it's really a date) is more than 120 days old. If you don't like being reminded, gives us a call and it will go away.

*02/08/06 - (118) If you look at MM | Utilities | Rebuild Databases - you will notice that there is a compact option for every database now. This does the rebuild/repair and ALSO takes out the dead space created when items are deleted. This MAY, POSSIBLY, I THINK MIGHT, PERHAPS make it run faster. No promises, but it might just help, especially with Cusfile, Detail, Stock and Trans.

*02/03/06 - (117) Gives you the option of locking the slots during printing contracts etc. There have been occasions where the computer appears to store something in a slot but it disappears or goes into another slot etc etc. This should take care of this. SEE HERE for how to use it.

*02/01/06 - (116) Changed the way the insurance report clears. This will zero it correctly (under all circumstances) at the end of the month.

*01/30/06 - (115) Gives you the ability to add 2 lines of messages on TSNR statements (at bottom of statement.)

*01/17/06 - (114) Makes the inventory cost and selling prices go up to $999,999.99

*12/23/05 - (112) PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! It will now automatically suggest the next account number.

*12/19/05 - (111) Cash Sale Delivery Date will let you leave it as a blank field. Before you HAD to put in a valid date to get off field.

*12/12/05 - (110) Adds a Birthday List Button on print accounts screen. Asks for what month and prints a list of accounts with DOB of that month.

*12/06/05 - (109) Adds a button in the inventory screen to take you to lookup another sku without having to go through a menu.

*12/01/05 - (108) The program will now reset the system short date to MM/DD/YYYY format automatically. I THINK this will decrease the error 13 type mismatch occurrences dramatically.

*11/23/05 - (107) On the end of day totals the cash sale merchandise and sales tax are totaled for a cash sales total.

*11/03/05 - (105) During Negotiate process, if you enter an illegal purchase or 1st payment date (such as 11/31/2005 - only 30 days in November) it will make the date appear rose colored and will not let you leave the date until it is correct.

*11/02/05 - (104) You may or may not like this (you CAN disable it but THINK FIRST). Anyway with this version if you leave an account card on the screen with NO MOUSE ACTIVITY for about 1 minute, the account will automatically file itself away and the lookup menu will appear. This is REALLY USEFUL preventing lockups from the computer trying to look up the same account on more than one computer. To DISABLE IT, Main Menu | Utilities | Change System Spec. | Upper Right Corner | Timer to leave account - set it to N

*10/31/05 - (103) Oops - Under certain rare but doable circumstances, if you were editing an entry in the NON A/R mailing lists, it would not edit the entry you were trying to fix, but would instead add another entry. This will not happen now.

*10/21/05 - (102) This adds a button on the options page to duplicate an account. (Account Lookup Screen - View Options - Left side of screen - Duplicate Core Account Info). This will create an account with a new number (which you have to give it) but the old core information (name address etc.) (NO MONEY). It will not let you add if the account number you type in already exists on the computer.

*10/19/05 - (100) Adds a button to bottom of inventory screen to let you print a one up mailing type label label for your inventory item. Use this to stick on your normal hang tag.

*10/14/05 - (97)  Adds capability to automatically add cash sales written to mailing list number 5. To implement go to Main Menu | Utilities | Change System Specifications | put a Y in the Add Cash Sales to Mailing List 5 box (top middle sort of). If you put a Y here, from then on when you do a cash sale, the name and address will be added to mailing list 5. It will NOT add blank names or Duplicate (at least I hope not) names.

*10/10/05 - (96) Adds automatic departmental markups to receiving invoicing. To implement go to Main Menu | Utilities | Change System Specifications | put a Y in the Use Department Markups Box (lower right).

*08/17/05 - (93) You now have a lookup by street address fragment. Main Menu | Account Lookup | Lookup by Street Address. Put in part or all of a street address - click search - and watch what hapens.

*08/08/05 - (92) When you start to do a Vendor Printout you will have an option nn the Please Choose A Printer screen to screen out for a given department and vice versa on the Department Printout.

*08/02/05 - (90) This gives you one more list (List L on Print Accounts) that lets you input a status (upper right on account card) and then will print a list of those accounts. This is most useful for a list of NS (No Statement) accounts.

*07/29/05 - (89) Negotiate Screen | Customer Info | now gives you a button to access info page two to add more stuff to the account. | The TSNR statements should now add a reminder to the account card.

*07/26/05 - (88) Good old Microsoft. One of the latest Internet Explorer Update Patches messes up the Help System I am using. This will fix it.

*07/25/05 - (87) Main Menu - Other Printing - Special Letter - you can type in text and then send it to everyone or with various selections.

*06/01/05 - We will be on vacation in July (10th -24th). I THINK this will be the solid last version till after the vacation time.

*05/26/05 - There seems to be some misunderstanding on how to charge off an account. On the latest version of the program there is a help button on the Take Payment Screen (the one that actually lets you print the receipt). The help button will explain what happens on a charge off receipt.

*05/25/05 (78) Caps Lock is now FORCED ON when you launch the program. | The customer aging grid was not spacing correctly if you printed it - it works correctly now.

*05/20/05 - If you have the problem that when you click the print the card button with an account on the screen the middle (payments of comments) prints SOLID BLACK, please scroll down to the bottom of this screen and download the Zipped Older Flexgrid update and it should work fine. YOU MUST DO THIS ON EVERY COMPUTER INDIVIDUALLY that prints incorrectly. 

*05/17/05 (76) Daily totals figures formatting made larger so those of you with really big numbers can see all of them.

*05/04/05 (74) Transactions File Editor Added.

*04/29/05 (73) This one may be kind of neat. On the lookup menu you now have an options for a Customer Aging Screen. Please LOOK HERE for instructions which you should probably print out. This is aimed at helping with collections.

*04/19/05 (72) We now use the letter E to designate rEpos. This will be used in the credit bureau reporting. See HERE for more info

*04/08/05 (69) Added a list to inventory that prints out all 4 selling prices. 

*04/06/05 (68) The customer's name now appears on the take payment screen (one last check to be sure you are writing a receipt to whom you intended). Also - this one is cute - in lookup by name, if you have a street address that is too long, the left side (the start of the address) would disappear - now the end of the address disappears.

04/05/05 (67)
*I don't know how I forgot this one but - tada - you now have a Failure to Make the 1st Payment list. If they miss the 1st payment on a new account it shows up on the list after the are past due 11 days or more.

04/04/05 (65)
*This makes the Monthly Report prints all the categories that are applicable from the daily report. Duh - sorry about that. (was missing late charge collected and SAs)

03/17/05 (61)
*It is IMPORTANT that you NOT launch the program more than once at any one computer at the same time. This will keep you from doing that.

03/16/05 (60)
*Some of you have had a problem with a input past end at the start of the program. There is now a fix in place. If you have a problem at startup, please give us a call. It is very easy to repair this now.

*Made room on front of account card for the zip code to appear.

*Many of the lists and things like the reminders will now ask what account number to start on (OR - on which account number to start - if you are an English Major).

*WooHoo - Many of you have wanted the ability to print the screen in windows. Well you have it (sort of). On certain selected screens (like the primary payment screen) you now have a button that will print the screen to the printer. It will say Print Screen on the button. It will ask you which printer to send it to and then print it. This works MUCH BETTER on a laser than on a dot matrix. If you want a laugh - give the dot matrix a try. Wear hearing protection. Trust me. If you have any requests for additional screens to print, please let me know.

*On the Main Menu will be an automatic link (I HOPE) to your particular website for downloading the updates.

*You have a NEW LIST. In print account lists, there is now a list of accounts who have not paid since a date you input. The account must have a balance and owe you money to make it onto the list.

*On receipt writing screen - Current and New Balance are shown. In your mailing lists (both A/R and Non-AR) you have an option to use 3 up labels on a laser printer. This is MUCH faster and more accurate than 1up tractor feed labels. The Bad Customer Data scan screen is now more user friendly (it could hardly have been less friendly). If you get a list in inventory by a single vendor or department - the cost total is printed at the end of the list. This contains the START of the new format of credit bureau reporting.

*Delete button added to Non AR Mailing lists so you can get someone off a list.

*Added the Section Field Info to the front of the card (near the city state zip stuff). Changed a button in Negotiate that will let you get to a Zero Finance Charge with one click instead of having to enter a zero rate. In some states entering a zero rate did not get you to a zero finance charge. (the computer thought it knew better than you did what you wanted.)

*Added an IQ (inquiry flag) function on an account card. To flag an account put the letters   IQ   as the first two letters in the comment field right above the payment lines. When you leave the comment line the payments box will turn a lovely rose shade indicating a problem with this account. Normally you would use the comment like this ->   IQ They did not sign their contract at last sale       OR      IQ - NEVER EVER EVER take a check from this person    OR   IQ whatever.
*Also added there is a form for filling out and printing purchase orders. Give it a try and give me some feedback if you feel so inclined.

*Happy income tax day yall. Anyway - bunches of stuff. If you look in Utilities - Set Various Rates screen, you will see that you can input minimum amounts for the insurances and finance charge. This means that if your minimum is $3.00 and the computed amount is $2.50 the computer will charge the $3.00 minimum. For refunds you can set the minimum amount to be refunded. That means if for instance the minimum refund is set to $1.00 and the computed refund is $.90 then the refund will be $0.00. The set various rates screen is passworded now with the sensitive password, if you have that set.
*Also - there is now an inventory stat screen. You can see it HERE. If you are using the inventory YOU WANT TO USE THIS - trust me.

*It will now assign the next sku number automatically in adding new skus. For this to work YOU MUST do the following. Go to Main Menu | Utilities | Change System Spec | Sensitive Info (bottom middle) | then on the screen that comes up (after the password screen if applicable) - put in a number into the field for the next sku number.

*I have arbitrarily decided to ignore accounts whose purchase date is more than 9 years old on the credit bureau reporting. I think this is valid because of various credit reporting problems etc. Please let me know if you have a problem with this concept.

*Added code so that when you are about to put a sale in a slot, you have the option of immediately posting the account without storing it in a slot. Also to go along with this, the screen for posting in the slot has an option to write the Down Payment receipt. This money will go into the operator totals and collected DPs.

*Added a receipt type during writing receipts (like return repo discount allowance) that lets you designate a that you are writing a receipt to Charge Off an account. Posts to daily totals and transaction report.

*Various small improvements. The NonAR Mailing Lists are getting better. There is an Option G on Sales Menu that lets you receive money and print a receipt for it for miscellaneous dollars. There is an entry for it on the daily totals sheet.

*This is a good one folks. When you go to post a slotted sale, you now have the option of choosing which slot to post from a list (see 10/23/03 below). Also, it will tell you what account number is in the slot verses what slot number you are trying to post to. Trust me, if they are different (the yellow boxes on the next screen) you need to think hard about posting this sale. Try it, it is easier to do it than explain it.

*This version corrects a minor problem with the comments. If you had an account number of 12345 and an account number of 1234, at times the comments for 1234 would show up on 12345. Also fixed a problem with the slot list read in negotiate. If you chose a slot that had a problem with the load, the program would drop you to windows.

*There are now options in the mailing list programs to dump the A/R mailing list to ascii files, along with just being able to print the labels. See this page for more info. Also, the Credit Bureau reporting is there (in utilities) and apparently works ok. YOU CANNOT USE THIS UNTIL YOU GET WITH ME to set it up. It will report bad stuff and will not work correctly until we set it up together.

*Well - nothing like missing the obvious. Inventory Printing now lets you print or not print the cost and exclude or not exclude the Zero on Hand Items. Also, the payment book works (after a fashion I must add) with plain paper.

*Ok Folks - most of you will love this one (I think). In negotiate there is a new button that lets you recall a slot by a list of slots on the screen. You just click on the line of the slot you want and it loads. The list is sorted first by account number for add-ons and for new sales alpha by last name. So, you get the addons first then after them the new sales appear in alpha order. THE TOP LINE of the list lets you bail out without loading anything. If you have more than about 30 or so in storage, there will be a scroll bar on the right side which you can click and drag to move up and down the list. Please call me if you have any problems or suggestions. Also on any new sales put into storage, the dollar amount of the sale will be nicely formatted with a $ at the beginning when you look it up. This makes it much easier to read

*If you look in Set Various Rates in Utility or Set Rates in Negotiate, you will find a box for the Maximum Credit Life Age. This is needed in some states. If you have a 0 there, it does NOT check. If you put in an age it will screen the Purchaser's DOB for this age. REMEMBER PLEASE that the age should take into account that if the cross the cap age during the contract, the stuff is NOT COVERED ANY MORE !!!!!. So if you write 2 year maximum length contracts and the cap is 71 - set the cap in the program to 69.

*Code added to check the Purchase Date and Date of 1st payment just before the A/R is updated in Post Sales. If the dates are not legit at this point you are prompted to correct them.

*Oops - the reminder notices have been ignoring promise to pay dates. Sorry about that - this is now fixed.

*Cash sales update!. It will now create a zero balance account if you give it an account number now available in the upper left corner of the cash sale screen. ALSO if you put an EXISTING account number in that space (upper left) it will look up the name and address etc of the person and fill that in for you. ALSO again - when you post the sale (either printing or not printing) the account will update lines for a cash sale in the detail (middle) section. THE BALANCE will NOT change. THIS IS A CASH SALE. Please get all the money. If you do not bad things will happen. If you need to CHARGE part of the sale, go to post hand sales and do it there and print a charge ticket for it.

*Inventory will give you a way to print a generic large tag. You can actually edit the Late Charge on the monthly totals - duh - sorry about that.

*Inventory has been changed to allow you to use groups. In the middle of the screen on the inventory sku page, there is a Group box. If you put a Y in that box (making this item a group sku) another box will appear right there allowing you to edit the list of the skus that make up that group. You put in a quantity and a sku for up to 15 items and then when you sell the GROUP sku the computer will post off the skus you list and their quantities. When you do a totalup of skus, the Group skus ARE NOT IN THE TOTAL - only the underlying skus. HOWEVER - when you do a Sales Analysis, the GROUP sku is the one use to figure profit. Think about it, the we really don't know what we are selling the background skus for if they are sold in a group. 

*Inventory totalup now splits out each individual department cost and sell total.

*This adds a delete button to the inventory screen. The password is the same for deleting an account.

*You can now determine whether or not an individual workstation can write a receipt. Go to MM - Utilities - Change System Spec - (NEW button) - Sensitive Info - and change the YES to NO and this terminal will NOT be able to write a receipt. You can change it back at any time to make it able to write receipts.

*Cash sale - the ticket number now prints on the cash sale invoice - duh - also 
*There is a place for a salesperson's name on the cash sale form which then prints out on the cash sale ticket.
*When you post a sale - a line has been added to the comment file to show the date of the sale and the salesperson's name

*The inventory lookup by Vendor would choke when you got near the end of the alphabet for a starting letter.

*2003 due date really messed things up. Nice to be due your whole contract before it started. This is fixed.
*Inventory lookup by vendor was messing up if you backed out all or the letters and started over.

*Fixed the exit from the payment screen to not fuss about a DPWRITTEN line. It would tell you the balance does not match. Now it correctly ignores it.

*BE SURE PLEASE to look at Change System Spec - MM - Utility - Change System Spec - and look in lower part and lower right. There will be a bunch of stuff new. 
    They are at lease the following - 
    1. Conversion Source - ignore that one - we use it to help you convert over from our DOS system.
    2. Print TSN Statements BEFORE due date (Y or N) - blank means no - this will print a statement to TSNR accounts who are within 31 days of coming due at the time statements are run. 
    3. Stop During Receipt (Y or N) - blank means No - Controls whether the computer tries to stop during the receipt process to let you tear off the top copy. ONLY WORKS ON DOT MATRIX PRINTERS.
    4. Figure TSN from Purchase or Due date. (P or D) - for example a Ninety Day account - determines if it sends the statement 90 days AFTER the (P)urchase date or immediately after the (D)ue date. Clear as mud? - call David.

*Inventory Lists now total at end of lists.
*The inventory screen has next and previous buttons like the accounts screen.
*On the Negotiate Inventory Screen - if you try to sell more than you have on hand, the current number on hand field (also new) goes to red.

*Counter List | Account Order # List | Given Starting Letter List - all will let you include the zero balance account when you choose a printer - default is no. Let me know if there is a great groundswell of desire to have this option on more lists.
*Change System Spec. - now has 2 new options in lower right corner.
        1. Print TSN Statements BEFORE due date (Y or N) - blank means no - this will print a statement to TSNR accounts who are within 31 days of coming due at the time statements are run. 
        2. Stop During Receipt (Y or N) - blank means No - Controls whether the computer tries to stop during the receipt process to let you tear off the top copy. ONLY WORKS ON DOT MATRIX PRINTERS.

*Collection List - has a field added at end of 1st line that adds the amount due and late charge to give you a total due.
*Receipt Printing - adds Total Collected - Total Late Charge - Total ROA to store copy of the receipt
*Cash Sale now automatically assigns a ticket number to the ticket number box

*Fixed error in entering A&H rates. Would bump out with an error if you hit enter between items.

*Fixed a refunding problem in post hand sales.

*Made the fields bigger for the company name city etc. in Utilities | Change System Spec.
*Post Hand Sales has a new button that lets you clear the data on the screen except for the account number. This is used if you are adding a new account and it gets to an existing account number first.
*Insurance Report printing incorrectly under certain conditions fixed.

*Changed the Collection list to remove any account that does not start with a number. | Changed the scan for bad data function (utilities off main menu) to be much more strict. (It will now catch things like a 06/31/2002 due date etc (there are not 31 days in June etc.))

*Added a functionality to print account info button (options with account on screen) to print out payment history and comments.

Zipped WSpec and WExtraData files - AFTER YOU DOWNLOAD THIS - PLEASE go to Main Menu - Utilities - Special Functions - Click Reload WSpec and WExtraData from backup file button. (NOT!!!!!  THE SAVE WSPEC button)

Zipped Install Files - (BIG FILE) When you run the zip it will create a InstallSmall folder on the M: drive. Open this folder up and execute Setup.

Zipped Older FlexGrid - Fix for payments portion of card print screen printing black.) MUST BE INSTALLED ON EVERY computer having the problem.

G:WDaily.dat - if you can't check up download this one machine at a time and after each, try to do the end of day totals.

Link to Credit Bureau Startup info page.

Email Setup Page