PLH Inc.


General Features

  • Card-like representation of items.

  • Fully integrated with receivables.  Double posting is eliminated.

  • Serial numbers and warranty information automatically recorded and posted.

  • Oversold and nonexistent items automatically flagged when the sale is being written up.

  • Information about sales held indefinitely, only limited by the size of your hard drive.

  • Wide variety of reports available.

  • Sales analysis available by vendor, department, and salesman.

  • Sales analysis available for any given period of time, not just preset intervals.

  • Retrieval of sales information is available by customer name, account number, item number, serial number or date of sale.

  • Exception report available for items not sold in a given period.

  • Exception report available by vendor.

  • Labels generated for tagging merchandise, etc.


1109 Woolfolk Road
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Phone - 478-825-7095