PLH Inc.

Accounts Receivable

General Features

  • Traditional Ledger Card format.  Our approach from the beginning has been to replicate as much as possible a paper card system on the computer screen.

  • All types of receivables are handled by the system.  These include Installment, Open, Revolving, and 30, 60, 90 same as cash.  These various types are processed simultaneously without the need to change modules.

  • All information about the account is kept permanently.  You are able to see at any time all payments made, changes to the account, inventory purchased, reminders sent, promise to pay dates, general comments, etc.

  • Fully automated Checkup at the end of a day or month.  Live totals are available during the day for all categories.

  • Automatic Computation of finance charges and late charges.

  • Monthly statements and weekly reminder notices generated if desired.

  • Provision made for collections against charged off accounts.

  • Paper trail for all monetary transactions and a log printed if you wish.

  • Receipts printed automatically by computer.

  • Aged account lists available.

  • Collection lists in various formats available for credit managers.

  • Promise to pay date support (will be in) with list of those who failed to meet promise.

Specifically for Installment

  • New contracts and add-ons figured automatically and contracts printed.

  • Payouts figured automatically.

  • Late Charges computed if desired.

  • Any length of term acceptable.

  • Any due date acceptable.

  • Weekly reminder notices printed if desired.

  • Insurance report available at end of month.

Specifically for Revolving / Open / 30 / 60 / 90

  • Monthly statements printed with interest computation if desired.

  • Automatic tickler statements for 30/60/90 same as cash coming due.

  • 15 days late reminder notice available.

  • Aging reports printed based on recency of payment.


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